To whom it may concern

I am happy to recommend Westgate Home Improvements for your roof work.

Thomas has worked closely with me over the last 3 weeks from the initial enquiry to completion. He made every effort to explain the works and materials required and manage delivery each day. He sent photographs and videos to verify the works as they progressed. He also provided voice recordings to explain the condition of the roof and chimney stack.

Of the companies we contacted, Westgate Home Improvements were the only firm who took the trouble to inspect the roof and therefore were the only firm to provide an accurate view and costing of requirements. Bear in mind that if you choose to go with another company, there is a charge for the inspection, which to my mind is worth the cost to help with the accuracy of the quote.

Thomas organised delivery of the works in record time and what would normally take several weeks was completed in over 2 weeks by a focused team of 8 roofers. They quickly uncovered additional problems and advised us on what was needed to ensure a thorough and professional repair.

As an aside, if you’re not experienced in work of this nature, I recommend you learn about the roofing problem you have so you’re clear on terminology and have a basic understanding of the expertise, time, materials and costs involved to deliver a good job for you.


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